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Authorial Intrusion - Sean Beaudoin

Welcome to Authorial Intrusion!

Today's Intrusion is notable for highlighting only the SECOND BOY to appear in this illustrious series. Yay for boys!

To read any of the previous interviews, just click on the tag “authorial intrusion” on the left side of the page.

For those just tuning in, here’s the history behind these posts:

I love reading about the Publishing Journeys of my favorite writers.

I love the long, soul-searching interviews that reveal every obstacle and triumph: the author whose agent made her do three revisions before signing her … the author who gets up at 4:30 a.m. to write, because it’s the only time she has to herself … the critically acclaimed author who spent nine years trying to get published … I never tire of this stuff!

Long, luxurious interviews aside, don’t you sometimes find yourself wondering: “But do you like Thai or Chinese food better?”

Reader, I asked them.

I assembled a grab-bag full of random questions and emailed them to some of my favorite writers.

They answered!

And now, without further ado, please welcome Sean Beaudoin!

Sean Beaudoin is the author of Going Nowhere Faster , a contemporary YA novel. Moniker-challenged Stan Smith, a brand new high school graduate, plans to forego college in favor of working at Happy Video while he lives in his parents’ garage and works on his movie script. Sounds like a perfect plan, right? Except that Stan is quite sure that someone – in particular, the menacing Chad Chilton – is trying to kill him. Stan’s life is further complicated and enhanced by a colorful cast of characters: wacky parents, adorable little sister, a best friend who has a penchant for nicknames, (“You don’t ask too many questions, do you, Alex Trebek?” “How’s the script coming, Kubrick?”) and a love interest named Ellen (short for Eleanor) Rigby.

I loved Stan’s voice, his spontaneous lists, his increasingly elaborate script treatments, and his gradual enlightenment. I’m looking forward to Sean’s next book, SOUR WHITE, a follow-up to GOING NOWHERE FASTER, due out next spring. You can learn more about Sean Beaudoin at his website: http://www.seanbeaudoin.com/.

Top 5 songs most played on your iPod or in your brain radio.
Yesterday I listened to Art Tatum, Mogwai, Gram Parsons, Husker Du, Bert Jansch, Parliament, and Chet Baker.

Thai food or Chinese?
Thai. By a million miles, unless I am sitting in a tin shed in Shanghai.

First car?
1975 Saab 99LE...already had 120,000 miles on it.

Ever wish you'd studied a different subject in college?
I studied photography/film, which was pretty great but utterly useless career-wise. If I had to do it over again, I'd probably study Classics or Linguistics. (Also two sure-fire moneymakers.)

First job?
Washing dishes at a pizza joint called "SALVATORE'S" (I think) for
$3.25 an hour.

Jessice Alba or Jessica Biel?
I'm going to have to go Alba. But not if she's doing that fake-blonde thing from Fantastic Four. I don't think I could pick Biel out of a lineup. I'm sure she's stunning.

Your five favorite movies.
It would be easier to list my 100 favorite movies, but just off the top of my head:
1. Blade Runner
2. The Sweet Smell Of Success
3. Network
4. The Fugitive Kind
5. The Thing

Furthest you've ever been from home.

Advice for writers in 5 words or less.
Start Writing Right This Second.

Write a spam subject line for us.
I Will Kill Your Cellphone For Twelve Dollars

Best present anyone ever gave you?
One birthday, my mother, bless her, signed me up for a summer apprenticeship with a luthier (guitar maker).

What books are on your night-stand right now?
Kalooki Nights by Howard Jacobson, The Rest Is Noise by Alex Ross, and The Collected Works of Max Beerbohm.

If someone made you sing karaoke – you couldn't refuse! – what would you sing?
A medley of tunes off of KISS ALIVE II.

Is there anything you want to tell us that I forgot to ask?
The paperback of Going Nowhere Faster comes out this fall with a bunch of bonus material at the end. My new book, SOUR WHITE, comes out next spring, with no bonus material at all. Aside, from that, I think you covered all the bases.

Thanks for indulging our curiosity, Sean!

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