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Authorial Intrusion - Writing Advice in 5 Words or Less - 2007

In the spirit of gifting, I have a little present for my writer friends.

Writing advice, in five words or less, from children’s authors who graciously allowed me to intrude on their time. They're very smart. If we keep their advice in mind, our books are bound to succeed!

Happy holidays, and I'll see you back here in time for the Third Annual Year in Review.

Carrie Jones:
Sit. Experiment. Respect your readers.

Debby Garfinkle:
Listen to your critique group.

Shirley Harazin:
Read. Write. Revise. Repeat.

Jo Knowles:
Be brave. Be honest. Write.

Joni Sensel:
Stop thinking and write.

Ellen Klages:
First drafts suck. Keep going.

Gretchen Laskas:
Don't give up.

David Lubar:
Be born to rich parents.

Christine Norris:
Do your research.

Paula Chase Hyman:
Don't let it consume you.

I didn’t get to interview Markus Zusak (maybe one day!) but I got the chance to ask him in person for his writing advice:
Don’t be afraid to fail.

Which upcoming Authorial Intrusion interviewee offers these five words of advice?
Eat candy let it go.

Check back early in 2008 for the answer!

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