L.K. Madigan (lkmadigan) wrote,
L.K. Madigan

Teaser Tuesday

Not mine!

I want to stress that I'm not posting my own writing - I'm just using the subject line.

I started the book I Love You, Beth Cooper, by Larry Doyle, last night. Before I even read the first page, I turned to the author bio on the back flap. It reads:

Larry Doyle, a former writer for "The Simpsons," works in showbiz and writes funny things for the New Yorker. He lives outside Baltimore with his wife, Becky, their three children, and one dog, until it dies, and then no more dogs, according to the wife.


I started reading the book in bed, and was laughing so hard throughout the first chapter that I kept waking my husband up.

Ahhh. I was ready for a funny book.

This is a "crossover" book, I believe. Technically a YA, but with adult appeal, kind of like The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time.

*is envious*

I wish my YA had crossover appeal.

Happy Tuesday, everyone!
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