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Authorial Intrusion - Sara Zarr

I love reading about the Publishing Journeys of my favorite writers.

I love the long, soul-searching interviews that reveal every obstacle and triumph: the author whose agent made her do three revisions before signing her … the author who gets up at 4:30 a.m. to write, because it’s the only time she has to herself … the critically acclaimed author who spent nine years trying to get published … I never tire of this stuff!

Long, luxurious interviews aside, don’t you sometimes find yourself wondering: “But do you like Thai or Chinese food better?”

Reader, I asked them.

I assembled a grab-bag full of random questions and emailed them to my favorite writers.

They answered!

This will be a weekly post, as long as I have a supply of bored willing writers.

And by the way, if you’re an author and I haven’t emailed you yet … do not imagine that you’ve escaped my clutches. My curiosity rambles far and wide! I will get to you. Also, if you have a book coming out (or already published), and you want to play along, feel free to contact me at my LJ email address. (For now, I'm limiting the interviews to writers of MG and YA, since that's what I read and write. I may open it up to PBs and early readers later.)

And now, without further ado … Sara Zarr!

Sara Zarr - sarazarr - is the author of Story of a Girl, a book whose wonderfully complex main character, Deanna, is unfairly labelled the ‘school slut’ after her father finds her in the back seat of a car with an older boy. Deanna is by turns quiet, sarcastic, and heart-breaking … a typical teen navigating the rough road of adolescence. I loved this book.

I’m also really looking forward to Sara’s second book, Sweethearts, which is due out in April 2008. Not only does the description intrigue me – “A story of friendship and loyalty, reinvention and restoration, and the undeniable power of shared experience,” but Sara told me specifically that she thought I would like it. I can’t wait!

In writing, are you a plotter or a plunger?
I plunge. Then, when the water is up to my neck, I plot.

What are you reading right now?
"The Longing for Home" by Frederick Buechner. I'm facilitating a book discussion of it soon. Buechner is a writer/preacher/quasi-theologian who writes about life and faith with a lot of tenderness and compassion and humanity. This book is a collection of essays, poems, and reflections on what he calls a "universal homesickness."

What's the last song you listened to?
"Spark" by Over the Rhine is playing right now.

If you couldn't write in your current genre, what would you write?
Hmm. Either something that would make me giant amounts of money, or something that would earn me a Pulitzer. Preferably both.

Thai food or Chinese?
Do I have to choose one? I love Thai, but I think there's more variety of flavors and regions in Chinese food.

Ocean or lake?

First car?
1978 Datsun B-210. Yellow with rust highlights.

Early bird or night owl?
Early bird.

Any phobias?
Arachno, Trypano, Sphekso, Soterio, Dystychi... Shall I go on?

Do you use writing prompts?

Thanks for indulging our curiosity, Sara!
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