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Thankful Thursday

I tend to gripe and grumble.

I tend to make fun and make light.

But my life is so lucky that gratitude must come gushing out.

So I'm instituting Thankful Thursday.

Please feel free to join me.

Comment here or in your own journal.

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I am thankful for Little League games on warm evenings

the pop of the ball hitting the catcher’s glove and the cry of the “Strike three!” ringing out

the perfume of green grass and the dust from the batter’s box

the crack of the bat and the lift of the heart when a ball soars toward the fence

expressions of stern determination on young faces

a gaggle of geese floating over the field … touching down in the pasture beyond … alighting to listen to the game

the grace of boys who stretch to make the catch

the courage of boys who endure encouragement

the bravery of boys facing the fastball.

This is a dream I didn’t know I wanted

until I had it.
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