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"Who will buy my sweet red roses?"

Shannon Hale’s new adult novel, Austenland, imagines a kind of vacation resort for Jane Austen devotees. I know kellyrfineman loved the book, and if such a place existed, she would already have her trip scheduled. Well, guess what new vacation spot actually exists in England?!

Dickens World!

Can you imagine?!

Rides! Animatronics! A Dickensian Shopping Mall! Even ‘burlesque evening dinner shows!’

It sounds like a spoof, but I heard about it on “Marketplace” yesterday. And after investing $120 million dollars in it, I’m sure the investors of Dickens World hope it will become the next Disneyland for, er, fans of Victorian literature visiting southeastern England.

It just so happens that I am ONE OF THOSE FANS!

Sadly, the day after we leave London, we are scheduled to visit Legoland. (That’s what you do when you visit Britain with a 9yo: fewer museums and throw in a theme park.) But if I had MY way, we would forego Legoland and motor to Chatham for a day of Dickensian delights. (Although I must say I would be leery of experiencing the ‘sights, sounds, and smells’ of Victorian London.) Ah, I can picture it now … strolling down the slops-strewn avenues … avoiding pickpockets … smiling at saucy serving girls … looking for the Old Curiosity Shop …

Kelly, maybe Austenland will become a reality someday … just down the road from Dickens World. Then you and I will plan our trip together!
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