L.K. Madigan (lkmadigan) wrote,
L.K. Madigan

In wintertime, a not-young woman’s fancy turns to …

… gardening!

Yes, it’s January, the month when seed catalogs land in the mailbox.

This is the time of year when verdant visions sustain us for the next few months. Soon I’ll begin planning plantings for my plot.

Then I will start some seeds indoors, and I will dream of bright blooms and snappy peas, while the tiny seeds waken in the warm soil.

I meant to make a little slideshow of my garden plot at the end of the season, but never did.

I did make one today, but photobucket keeps insisting that I've got an invalid image. Sigh. I'll just post single photos, instead.

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This is the community garden plot I inherited.

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This is the garden in mid-season.

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Here it is at harvest time – in all of its ripe riot. It’s a far cry from a well-groomed garden, but then I’m a far cry from a dutiful farmer. I encouraged calendula to cheerfully self-sow and I procrastinated the plucking of weeds. But my family and I enjoyed the bursting of sugary corn kernels and the sweet-tart tang of ground cherries on our tongues. I petted my plump pumpkins before they were purloined. (Yes, someone stole them.)

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Maybe this year I will tend tidy beds and diligently dig out every weed. Or maybe I will stalk the flora and fauna with my camera far more often than with my hand-trowel. I like to grow Scarlet Emperor runner beans purely for the flowers. As you can see, the hummingbirds appreciate them.
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