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L.K. Madigan

JoNoWriMo Fait Accompli


If my ink cartridge hadn't run out of ink last night, this morning I would have a pile of printed manuscript pages sitting beside me as I type this.

I finished my revisions!!!!

Having a deadline, and Jo's Sopranos-like menacing gentle support, I was able to stay focused.

I started off the challenge with different goals, but midway through, an interested agent requested a second round of revisions on my YA ... so here's how it ended up:

1) Finish requested revisions on YA. DONE.
2) Finish second round of requested revisions on YA. DONE.

Yay me!

It doesn't sound like much, does it?

Believe me, o my friends ... it was PLENTY. Just ask my neglected friends/family/laundry pile/mail bin.

Congrats to all the participants. Whether or not you finish ... I'll bet you got a heck of a lot more done than you would have without the challenge.

And thank you, Jo, for being our cheerleader and record-keeper. Mwah!

P.S. I almost went with Erik for the brother's name. It's got that nice hard 'k' sound at the end, like Blake. And it means Eternal Ruler, in Old Norse. But you - the LJ Deciders - voted for Garrett. And I have fond associations with that name; one of my best friends' sons is named Garrett. It derives from Gerald or Gerard, meaning Brave with the Spear.
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