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Shock and Thaw

I posted an entry yesterday (for about five minutes!) about the role of "shock" in YA novels.

Then I deleted it - well, made it private - because it was a tiny diatribe about the role of shock in my YA novel. If anyone is simply dying to hear my opinion :-) by all means comment and I will email it to ya!

I have no thawing duties this year. Yayy!! Every year I take the bird out of the freezer three days before Thanksgiving, only to end up giving it cold water baths until I have determined it is, in fact, thawed enough to roast. Heh. And plunging your hands into icy water over and over is fun.

We were planning to have a small Thanksgiving - just the three of us - then it morphed into 12 people at our house. But with a twist: we all decided to order the Huber's Thanksgiving this year:


I, for one, am thrilled. I still have plenty of BIC-time left on my revisions. Spending three days cooking for a 20-minute meal was not relieving my anxiety.

This year there will be no hen-or-tom-wrestling. I do plan to make homemade cranberry sauce - I think I'll make Blue Cranberry Sauce (includes blueberries). Yum!

I'm really thankful to know all of you LJers. The writing life would be so much lonelier without all of you.

Edited to add recipe:


(I haven't made this yet, but it sounds goooood. I still have some blueberries from my garden, frozen.)
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