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Wild, Uninhibited Thinking

I need to not negotiate whether someone can eat dessert before, during, or after homework.

I need to not cook or do laundry.

I need to not get up at 5:30 on a weekend to write, only to hear my son’s small feet come padding down the stairs at 6:02.

I need to be alone.

Just for 24 hours. I haven’t been alone since, well, it was over a year ago my husband and son went out of town and I stayed home.

I had a homemade writing retreat weekend. http://moniquemadigan.livejournal.com/17217.html

Some people never need alone-time.

I do.

So I’m going to the beach tomorrow after my son’s football game. Just for 24 hours. I will not negotiate with anyone, cook, clean, or experience early birdly-ness. I will have thoughts that run their course uninterrupted.

They may be dull and trite, but they will be uninterrupted!
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