L.K. Madigan (lkmadigan) wrote,
L.K. Madigan

Eating, sleeping, breathing revisions ...

I am busily extracting adverbs.

I am check tenses.

I am applying my incisive mind to the task of weeding the lush, evocative, rosy plums of purple prose to which my pen invariably drifts, so tempting and dangerous in their Circe song; their removal is tantamount to clipping a fragrant but poisonous blossom as it swells on the vine.

I am editing out my beautiful ellipses … so plentiful and useful. I must learn to love other punctuation … regardless of its pallor … its dullness … when held up next to the perfect little dot … dot … dots …

I am trying not to undercut emotion. What?! My constant internal monologues are distracting?! Whatever! I’m so over you. See ya!

I have dealt with the ominous editorial note, ‘I’m just not buying this.’ I’ve added new dialogue and scenes so that the characters’ actions are inevitable. I hope they result in a successful purchase!

Five a.m. comes early, and I greet it every morning. Today I even took my laptop to work, so I could revise during my lunch hour. I generously gave myself a long lunch hour. I really want to finish my revisions and mail them off by Monday, because October is a busy time at work for me.

I’m so happy. I am deep in Writing-is-Fun-Please-Let-Me-Get-Back-To-It-Land.

Keep going, JoNoWriMo-ers! Goodnight!
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