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Berries and Ground Cherries

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Autumn is entering my yard.

These are flowering woodbine berries.

Most people have never heard of ground cherries, and they're one of my favorite fruits! Mine are ripening now, and I'm savoring their sweet-tart flavor.

They grow like a tomatillo:

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The papery husk keeps the golden fruit nice and clean - ready to eat right out of the garden:

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Thus ends the botany segment of today's show.

In zoology:

We went to the zoo today for my company picnic. As we were leaving, we stopped to sign the memorial book for Steven Irwin, which will be sent to the Australia Zoo when it is full.

The Crocodile Hunter was an important person in my son's life. A couple of birthdays ago, Steve (in the form of a miniature plastic figure wrestling a croc) graced the top of his cake.

I can still picture my son, four or five years old, studying Steve's technique for snake wrangling, then copying him ... stuffing a black and purple stuffed snake into a pillowcase.

This is the first death my son has really felt. He lost his grandpa when he was a toddler ... no one else close to him. We've been lucky. Steve Irwin may have been a stranger, but he felt like a friend and teacher to my kid.

My son stopped to sign the book, writing, "He was a good man. May he rest in peace. [son's name] (A big fan)."

Sometimes your heart just twists like a snake in a bag.

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