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Top 11 Things Making Me Happy Lately

The dog plopping down under the piano when I play. (So far, he doesn’t show a preference for any particular composer.)

Penicillin. (Strep Boy is much better.)

It is no longer 100 degrees.

literaticat, who is not only a jewel in general, but to me personally.

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First peas from the garden.

The scent of jasmine by the garage door.

“Sky High.” (Was it you, thatgirlygirl, who mentioned this movie awhile back? I netflixed it, and my son loved it! I did, too.

lunchboxes dot com. After my son lost his third lunchbox near the end of the school year, I made him brown-bag it. But with sports camp on his horizon, I couldn’t resist getting this for him.

Homemade berry pies.

Photography (see peas) and my new fascination with the visual, instead of the verbal.

That happy post-request/pre-rejection daydreamy state, in which you dare to hope.

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