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Welcome to the hamster cage of my mind

It's messy, full of detritus, and provides a road to nowhere.

Pie and coffee for breakfast … what could be better?

That chocolate chip cookie crust turned out pretty tasty … and I do like a bit of chocolate with my strawberries …

*hops on wheel and runs*

I hope Young Son will have fun this summer, even though he won’t have much lazing around time during the week. With both parents working now, he’s consigned to one day-camp after another until the end of August. I feel guilty.

But he’s going to have lots of fun at sports camp, and summer safari, and treasure hunt in the city, and children’s theatre! It’s not like I’m handing him an axe and telling him to chop wood all summer. And we’ll have a nice vacation at the end of summer with family and bike rides and … and … s’mores … and …

*hops off wheel*

*wanders through Habitrail*

Not to get all “And now a message from your sponsor,” but
man, I love this skin cream.

I bought it because my skin is sensitive, NOT because I worry about wrinkles. No. Nonono! Heh. But it turns out I love it more than any other cream I’ve ever used … including my previously favorite Burts Bees skin cream! Who knew I was missing the Q? It looks and feels like lemon pudding, too.

And speaking of vanity *turns corner in Habitrail* while walking down the street yesterday on my way to get my hair done, I noticed I can still turn a few heads.

Only now they tend to be gray heads.

And a few (nearsighted) younger guys … who, upon getting a closer look, no doubt experience a “Monet-style” disappointment (made famous in Clueless): “From far away it’s okay, but up close it’s a big old mess.”

*hops on wheel*

Is my hair color too dark this time?


*hops off wheel*

I’m loving Suite Francaise. Here’s a tasty morsel from the chapter I just read last night *scrabbles in wood shavings*:

“She would have liked to have composed a poem herself; however, her talent was really for prose (when she wrote, she felt the deluge of ideas so powerfully that she often had to put down her pen and run her hands under cold water to force back into them the blood that had rushed to her head).”

Haha! We don’t like that annoying Viscountess.

*hops on wheel*

What if no one ever wants to publish anything I write?

*runs and runs*

Huh. I think I'm okay with that. J read my MG mermaid story to her fourth graders. She described rapt listeners, kids who didn’t even want her to stop reading when the bell rang at 3:00. She told of gasps and “Come on, just one more page!” She told of a girl declaring the book to be a future award winner. She told of a girl who went on vacation during the final chapters, and who, as soon as she returned, asked if she could read the rest of the book.

*hops off wheel and drinks deeply of these quenching images from the water bottle*

*scrabbles in shavings for manuscript. Time to polish it up instead of letting it molder.*

Mental shopping list:
Don’t forget more Benadryl cream to put on the FOURTEEN bites on one leg (spider?) and the SEVEN bites on the other leg. (I sometimes throw the covers off in my sleep. Something came along and turned me into a midnight snack.)
And ping pong balls.
And pesto.

If we do go ahead and replace the back deck, we won’t be buying a new car this summer.

This is turning into quite the title-appropriate post. Mental note: hunt down cheerful bird that woke me with much bird-song at 4:45 this morning.

I love my Victorian cloches. The three ground cherry plants beneath them are thriving! The fourth one (control group + the cloches only came in sets of three) is eyeing his neighbors jealously.

I hope DH’s dry socket is okay. He’s on his way to the dentist.

*hops on wheel*

How much longer can this infernal job last? We miss him during the week!

But we can’t afford the luxury of complaint. He was out of work long enough. It’s good for him to be back at work, and not just for financial reasons. The “O2 Project” (he signed a non-disclosure agreement, so even though it was on the front page of the business section a few days ago, we dare not speak the name) won’t last forever.

*hops off wheel*

We loved “Cars” yesterday. We couldn’t have picked a better Father’s Day movie – DH loves racing. And I loved all of the sly details. Young Son’s favorite part came after the movie, when the producers added “excerpts” of other Pixar movies … revisioned as car-characters. “You! Are! A toy car!” “You are a sad, strange little wagon. Farewell!”

Sports camp beckons … farewell!

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