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Favorite Moment of the Day

As I drove up to the house after a harried day at work, I could see my own miniature Mr. Incredible - complete with mask and padded "muscles" - waving at me through the window.

Only for this person would I convert previously peaceful Superbowl Sundays (which passed almost entirely without notice in my life) to a weekend full of cleaning and cooking, in order to celebrate this annual rite of football festivity with friends. After much house-cleaning and furniture-rearranging (had to bring the spare TV into the living room so there would be ample viewing vantages), there ensued a frenzy of black bean chili-making and cornbread-, lemon cake-, oatmeal carmelita-, and banana bread-baking. Nice hubby made homemade macaroni. We stashed the muddy-pawed dogs in the garage and I executed yet another fulfilling round of Windexing the sliding glass door. People arrived ... drinks were dispensed ... food was consumed ... and apparently, football was watched.

But I would do it all again for my little Mr. Incredible. In fact, I will next year.

Now we are laboring over a thousand tiny Valentines (or at least 64).

Fun fact of the day: New Best Friend Whom I Have Yet to Meet - April Henry - lives practically in my backyard! All the coolest people live in my hood.

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