L.K. Madigan (lkmadigan) wrote,
L.K. Madigan

"With A Spray of Apple Blossoms"

You can almost smell them, can't you?

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With A Spray of Apple Blossoms

The promise of these fragrant flowers,
The fruit that 'neath these blossoms lies
Once hung, they say, in Eden's bowers,
And tempted Eve in Paradise.
O fairest daughter of Eve's blood,
Lest her misprision thine should be,
I've nipped temptation in the bud
And send this snowy spray to thee.

Walter Learned (1847-1915)

Hmm ... can't decide if the poet is being clever or creepy.

(Misprision: n.
1. Maladministration of public office.
2. Neglect in preventing or reporting a felony or treason by one not an accessory.
3. An act of sedition against a government or the courts.)

We're coming into the home stretch of National Poetry Month!
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