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L.K. Madigan

A few days ago my muse woke up, her hair sticking out in all directions, and said, “Hey! That would make a great story!”

I know that some of the writers on my friends’ list - d_michiko_f comes to mind - finish a WIP and are able to start a new WIP without too much time away from the writing process.

I do not seem able to re-focus that nimbly. I finished my big 68,000-word YA in December (thanks in part to jbknowles’s challenge) and spent the next month tightening and polishing. That manuscript is now tiptoeing out into the world.

My muse fell asleep once the revision process was finished – she has not roused herself since, except for the occasional writing exercise. She was spent. I call upon the muse of … um … essay-writing, I suppose, for my LJ entries. Perhaps my weekday-single-parent gig keeps my creative muse drained.

God bless vacations!

Spring break showed up, ushering in my tired husband – ready for his week with the family. We packed, we patted the pups goodbye, and we put our trust in Alaska Airlines.

Our week was divided between Half Moon Bay

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and Hangtown.

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We dandled a baby in one town and chased a toddler in the other. We went from coastal cypress trees and sand and seagulls … to inland oak trees and red soil and falcons. We enjoyed massages and murder mystery dinner theatre. We attended Gold Country’s little slice of a Broadway musical.

I swooned over my sister’s blue-eyed, chubby-cheeked perfect example of babyhood. I indulged her in a sisterly stealing of clothes. This woman used to live in Manhattan … she was a role model for me in the realm of fashion. Oh, that she has debased her taste to coveting mine! Parenting sucks the style right out of you.

On Wednesday, my muse’s alarm clock went off. I think she’s happy to be awake. I know I’ve missed her company.

By the end of the week, I was writing in my dreams. I woke up when Hubs got out of bed, then fell back to sleep for a vivid hour of creative dreaming. I remember thinking as I dreamed, “This is an amazing dream … it would make a great book!”

Then I woke up.

I could remember … a … pool. Somewhere. For some reason.

And people … doing interesting things.

That was all.

Ah well. Perhaps I will dream it again.

But my muse is still clutching in her fist the idea for a middle grade mystery. And she seems refreshed … we have a lot of catching up to do.
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