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Monday Morning Warm-Up

Monday Morning Warm-Up:

What do words mean to you? Write an ode, a haiku, a love letter, to words. Have fun! Remember why you love to write, love to read. Remember why words aren't cheap.

My dearest Words,

I can’t stop thinking about you.

Please forgive me for the times when I have been forced to stand by and watch you abused: “The portfolio is overweighted in energy, which led to its outperformance relative to the index.” My protests fall on deaf ears. Please believe that I have done my best to bring clarity and readability in place of dry droning.

Your myriad meanings fill my days … your tantalizing translations light my way.

Without you … life is silent and dark.

I pursue you ardently, like a lover chasing a fickle fancy. At times I long for your romantic softness, lush and layered. At times I hunger for your hard sharpness, bright and brief.

Don’t hide from me, darling Words! Come to me … run to me. I will paint you a picture using your full pretty palette.

Whisper to me, whimper to me.

Rage to me, rave to me.

I’m not afraid.
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