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Him: Are they gone?
Me: Yes.
Him: For how long?
Me: Oh, a couple of hours, I guess.
Him: Why don’t you join me? Here in the other room, where it’s warm.
Me: It is cold, isn’t it?
Him: Yes. Please. Join me.
Me: No, I really shouldn’t.
Him: Don’t worry, darling. We have plenty of time. Where did you say they went?
Me: Um …
Him: Some kind of sporting event?
Me: The motorcycle ice races.
Him: ??
Me: I know.
Him: What are you doing so busily there?
Me: Just adding a few lines of dialogue to my novel.
Him: I thought you said you finished it.
Me: I did! But that was the first full draft. I keep thinking of bits and pieces that I want to include.
Him: Dearest. Please. Come. Sit with me. Relax.
Me: I am relaxed.
Him: I promise you won’t be disappointed.
Me: (sighs at the temptation)
Him: (lowering voice) No one even needs to know.
Me: Well …
Him: That’s right. Make yourself a lovely cup of tea and come snuggle up on the couch.
Me: You sweet-talker, Colin.

*leaves to go watch research copy of Pride and Prejudice in blissful solitude*
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