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It was during dinner.

Suddenly I knew how the girlfriend was going to find out!!!

I tried to remain calm, but I wanted to jump up and find a pen.

Plot epiphanies feel so exciting, don't they?

I couldn't sit still. "Will you excuse me for a minute?" I asked politely, and hurried to jot down my notes. Ahhhh. I've been wondering how she was going to find out.

After dinner Cole asked if he could watch the "U2 movie." Could he! I helped him put in the U2 concert at Slane Castle DVD - filmed Sept. 1, 2001 ... probably the last concert they did before 9/11. He picked up his homemade cardboard-and-twine "guitar" and started strumming. (Really think I might have to get him a guitar for Christmas/Hannukah.)

Now I'm ready to dive in to my plot!
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