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Just one quick complaint, then I will rhapsodize gratitudinously for the rest of the week day.

The stock market is always open the day after Thanksgiving.

Thus: I always have to work the day after Thanksgiving.

No matter how stuffed and stupid with turkey I am, I must don my corporate-casual-Friday uniform and beach my whale-feeling self on the shores of capitalism.

Thank you.

On with the gratitude!

I’m happy to have a job, of course. Without my job, we would have been hip-high in shit for the past two and a half years.

Which brings me to bullet-point # 2 on the Thankful List: my husband is back at work. He was laid off from his job as a commercial journeyman electrician in September of 2002. Yeee-ikes! In June of this year, he finally got work. Let’s hear it for a recovering economy! (Those two and a half years were free of working-mother guilt for me … and replete with relief that I had a good job.)

I am thankful forever and always for my smart, funny boy with his interesting mind and beautiful eyes.

I am thankful for calm seas on my marital voyage. We get sodden and windblown at times – like every married couple. I have a hairtrigger tiny tendency to storm. But we’ve had a sunny spell lately. (Soaking in weather metaphors? Okay! Moving on.)

I am thankful for this morning’s half hour of writing, when I knew exactly where my MC was going, and sank so deeply into the story that I didn’t worry about word counts or challenge deadlines or the publishing industry. I enjoyed my visit to The Zone - where the writing feels so good it’s like a heady brew.

I am thankful for posts like this from an agent’s blog. Just what the doctor ordered!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Nov. 23rd, 2005 01:22 am (UTC)

Thanks for the reminder to be thankful.

I love the agent link/post!! That was really touching.