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From a Blue State

I wonder if electoral despair has ever been the motivation for starting a blog?

It is for this newbie blogger.

If I can't vomit out my invective, I will surely start to bleed it out involuntarily, onto innocent bystanders.

I can't have that.

Not only am I afraid to live here in this country now ... surrounded by people who CHOSE to put that lying, smirking, ignorant, self-righteous PUPPET back in office for four more agonizing years ... but my heart breaks for my little boy, who will one day have to start paying our bloated bills. Right now, he's just sad that his candidate didn't win. Fifteen years from now, the real consequences of this horror will be apparent.

I got into bed Wednesday night at 9:00. I asked my husband to get into bed with me and just hold me. He complied, although within five minutes he wanted sex. "Just HOLD me," I re-directed.

What I would really like to do is get into bed with a pile of sad Democrats and hold one another.

Then we will begin to hatch our strategy.

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