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Movie Magic

6:01 a.m.

Six. Oh. One.

The sound of a door closing upstairs.


People, again: I had just opened the laptop and had not yet poured a cup of coffee.

This is just not right!

I guess I need to get up at 4:30 to walk the dogs, so I can have the hour from 5 – 6 to write.

I did manage to squeeze out 300 words on the WIP while The Earliest Rising Child in the World was racing moto-cross on his X-Box. (30 minutes, Sara! That was all! I let him spend ONE ticket.)

Then he got buttermilk pancakes and maple syrup.

I don’t know who was more excited about seeing the new Harry Potter today: Young Son or me.

I loved it!!!!

No spoilers … it was just so much fun! From the early scene of everyone grabbing onto the “manky old boot” portkey and spinning through space … to the scary scene in the graveyard where Voldemort comes back to the full embodiment of creepiness and cruelty … I sat there in the dark, so happy to be watching a new Harry Potter movie.

Is it really almost Thanksgiving?

The idea of a big cooking marathon does not appeal to me at the moment. Maybe I’ll just get a turkey breast this year. And maybe I’ll make butternut squash lasagna. Ha! I've got a recipe ...
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