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Is THAT the time?

How did it get to be 9:00? That means my weekend is over.

I need to toddle off to bed so I can read for a few minutes so I can sleep for a few hours so I can wake up at 5-fricking-o'clock.

Time to check in on Mo'sNovelWritingMonth 1.5, as inspired by JoNoWriMo 1.5.

My last update was 10/29/05. Since that date, I have written a total of whoa! Hey, lookit that!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

No? You're not distracted from the real issue?

Another leaf-peeping photo is not going to make you forget to ask my word count?


It's 2,383.

Not so good for two weeks' work.

But when I add up what I've written in the past month, it's 15,600 words, which sounds much better.


I can't fool you guys. I won't even try. Because you know. It's hard.

Let's keep going.

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