L.K. Madigan (lkmadigan) wrote,
L.K. Madigan

Well, That's Checked Off the List Now

Top 5 Reasons I Will Never Go to Vegas Again Unless U2 is Playing:

1) I hate cigarette smoke.*

2) I'm a lightweight drinker. (Count for the weekend: one margarita and about one-tenth of a huuuge pink slushy drink.)

3) I don't "get" the whole gambling thing. I like my money! (Count for the weekend: after half an hour of 3-card poker (where the dealer helps the ignorant newbies, I had won $30 on top of the $40 I started with.)

4) I dislike artifice in almost all forms.

5) Hookers make me sad.

*Note that I said I hate cigarette smoke ... not smokers. Because if I hated smokers, I would have to hate some people I love, and I can't do that.

But I have buried the lead:

My girls and I got to see U2 both nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will squee obnoxiously about that later.
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