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Vegas, Baby!

I’ve never been.

Can you believe it? I’m surprised I haven’t been thrown out of America.

Europe, Soviet Russia, a dozen of these United States … yes. Las Vegas … no.

Maybe the obligatory trip to Las Vegas is more of a West Coast rite-of-passage.

I am meeting two girlfriends there – we’re flying in from three corners of the continent: New Jersey, L.A., and Oregon. We worked together many years ago, and have seen each other occasionally, but never all three together at the same time. Yippee!!

We’re going to drink, gamble, and stalk Bono spend some time catching up and talking about our kids. Should be fun! We’re hoping to score some last minute tickets to a U2 concert. If we don’t, we’ll just continue to drink, gamble, and stalk Bono probably work out in the hotel gym and turn in early.

Because what happens in Vegas … you know.

I will have alone-time on the plane. Ahhh … decadence. For reading material, I’m packing: I Am the Messenger, by Markus Zusak and the first Maisie Dobbs book. I would pack Rebel Angels but the sheer bulk of it dissuades me.

I will, of course, take a notebook in case I am bitten by the writing bug. Note to self: do I still know how to write with pen and paper?

Portland weather forecast (synopsized by me, but verbatim from Accuweather): light rain, soaking rain, windy, breezy with occasional rain followed by a steadier rain. 45 - 52 degrees.

Vegas-baby weather forecast (as above): mostly sunny, pleasant with plenty of sunshine, sunny to partly cloudy and nice. 72 - 76 degrees.

Bye, peeps. I'm outtie!

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