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U2 and Big Black Dogs

Number of hours to download complete U2 boxed set from Internet to laptop: 2.5

Number of times have listened to new U2 album: 0.5 (due to time-consuming role of Mom-Wife-Woman-who-provides-kibble-social coordinator-laundress-breadwinner-child psychologist-household-CEO-finder-of-stray-toys-the-list-could-go-on-for-pages …)

Number of new dogs adopted: 1 (“DJ”)

Total number of dogs now residing in house: 2 (Pepper and DJ – both Humane Society refugees)

Selection of names we’ve come up with for new dog’s acronymic name: Deacon Jones, Dog Johnson, Duke Jackson, Double Juke

Number of dog toys chewed to bits by DJ in approximately 48 hours: 6 (first one – the never-had-a-chance soft Santa toy - within five minutes of entering house)

Smackdowns administered by Pepper to DJ, in order to clarify dog hierarchy, in first 48 hours: 3

Newest exercise in futility: Windexing muddy paw prints off sliding glass doors

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