November 16th, 2009



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I realized after my last post that I included plenty of beach photos from my weekend, but none from the bookstore event!

Sadly, that’s because I didn’t take any. I only had my camera phone – which doesn’t take great photos indoors – but I was also caught up in the whirl of events!

But my fellow debut author Sarah Quigley did, and was kind enough to share them with me.


Left to right: Sarah Quigley (author of TMI), C. Lee McKenzie (author of SLIDING ON THE EDGE), me, and Cheryl Renee Herbsman (author of BREATHING).

I had such a great time at Not Your Mother’s Book Club, and again, THANKS to everyone who came out for the event!

seaheidi gave me an Advance Reader Copy of SEA, her beautiful YA novel, which is scheduled for release in June 2010. I feel like I've been waiting forever to read this book, and I gobbled it up in two sittings. Ohh ... so good. Full of love and loss and hope and heat and heart. Most of the story takes place in post-tsunami Indonesia, and Heidi creates such a vivid setting that it leaps off the page. When Sienna (the main character) meets Deni (a 17-year-old tsunami survivor) ... well. That scene is unforgettable. I'll post a more thorough review when it's closer to release date. But put this one on your to-be-read list!

Here’s a roundup of recent interviews:

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