April 5th, 2009

monkeyreads by delleve

Flying monkeys ... terrifying children since 1939

I went to see “Wicked” today with lisa_schroeder!

Now I can’t get that song, “Popular,” out of my head. I’m due for some new iTunes, so I will download it.

Call for recommendations:

I need to freshen up my iPod. Please comment with the title of a song (or songs) you think I should try. I like all genres, although not as much country.

Anyway, back to "Wicked."

Before the show started, I noticed a little boy in the seat directly behind me … about four years old, maybe five. He was dressed up adorably for his first Broadway show, although I couldn’t help thinking, “Really? This mom thinks her pre-schooler is going to enjoy a three-hour musical, at $75 a pop?”

The only musical I ever took my pre-schooler to was “Blue’s Clues.”

So the lights went down, and … you guessed it: the very first scene has flying monkeys in it.

After a minute, I heard a low moan coming from behind me. As the monkeys gamboled, the moaning grew louder, and turned into crying.

I’m not sure how his mom managed to calm him down, but he subsided into (horrified?) silence. They stayed for the entire first half, and through intermission, but as it got closer to the next curtain, he got more distressed, and they left.


Great show, though, and it's always fun to see Lisa.

I get to see aprilhenry Tuesday night when she does a book-signing at Powell's. :-)
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