March 28th, 2009

don't give a damn

Vote! Or don't. But do!

I’m certainly not going to blog every day in April, as the lovely Maureen Johnson intends to do. Even if I didn’t have a day job, my life just isn’t that fascinating. To anyone except me, that is.

However, I do have lots of topics popcorning around in my cranium. How about a poll? I haven’t done a poll in ages. I may very well disregard the outcome, cuz I’m willful like that … but at least the voters will have their say!

Anyone can vote - if you don't have an LJ account, just add a separate comment. :-)

What should I blog about?

Tell us about Disneyland, including how you got to see a couple of old friends, including your beloved high school crush, Steve.
Just a wee poem, lass. (Er, sorry. I’ve been reading A BREATH OF SNOW AND ASHES, so I’m in thrall to the bold Scot, Jamie Fraser.)
Using one of jbknowles’s prompts, post a piece of flash fiction.
Talk about the publishing process.
Share a shard of personal narrative.
Admit that you’ve been crunching your words all day, since you vowed not to join Twitter … and you have. Explain yourself!
Do the book meme! (I loved elockhar’s answers. I’ve been meaning to read P.G. Wodehouse for a couple of years, based on her devotion to him. One day I will!)
Recommend mutual funds. (Just kidding! I can’t do that.)

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