August 1st, 2008

u2 wide awake

Friday Five

Don’t you wish you could have your mailman … sorry, postal carrier pre-sort your mail before it ever hits your mailbox? Kind of like recycling bins. I would want things sorted this way:

Real mail that I want to read, i.e. postcards, actual hand-addressed letters, and envelopes containing checks! (green bin)
Bills, bank statements, report cards, and NY Times Book Reviews. (yellow bin)
Everything else. (red bin)

I just finished Skin Hunger.


When is the second book coming out?! Do I have to order it from England?!

This book is told in alternating voices. Sadima is a young woman born during a time when magic has been banned. Two hundred years later, magic is alive again, but only available to the wealthy. Hahp is the second son of a heartless father. He has been sent to learn magic at a school for wizards, mostly because his father wants to get rid of him. Sadima’s and Hahp’s stories are separated by centuries, but closely entwined.

If you are envisioning kindly Dumbledore and homey Hogwarts, you could not be more mistaken. Whether or not Hahp will even survive his horrifying education is in doubt through the whole book. Sadima leaves home to find love, but at what expense?

This is a dark and compelling read. Now I must track down the second book!

I miss tae kwon do.

Hey, Crackulous, I mean Scrabulous players! Did you know that a new game has taken its place on Facebook? It’s called Wordscraper, and I started a game with susanwrites. The board looks wacky, but we’ll figure it out, and she will beat me, like she always does. ☺ What’s that you say? I should be working on Book 2? What?? I’m sorry. I can’t heeear you …

Actually, I do feel like writing. Bye! Happy SCBWI-LA to those attending, and happy general weekend to everyone else.