January 11th, 2008

white rabbit

My Timing is Impeccable. NOT.

Not only am I going to miss Libba Bray on January 23 at Not Your Mother's Book Club, which is a drag but okay, since I've never met her anyway ...

... I'm going to miss sarazarr on February 5! Which is a bigger drag, cuz I've actually met her, and would like to see her again.

I'll be in the Bay area almost exactly in-between their visits. Doh!

Not only THAT, but I may not even get to see literaticat, since we're flying in to San Jose instead of San Francisco, and may not get a rental car. My sister and fam moved way the hell down the coast further away from San Francisco, almost to Santa Cruz, so motoring to the city requires more effort than it used to.

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