November 26th, 2007

harriet spy by jackwad

Monday Morning Warm-up

I haven't done one of jbknowles's Monday Morning Warm-ups in a long time.

For today's warm-up, try to come up with 10 memories from your childhood, but only refer to them with a simple phrase or even a single word.

1) Trinket.
2) Auntie’s beauty shop.
3) Crackers and butter.
4) Grandma letting me wind the mantel clock.
5) Porch swing.
6) Playing with my mom’s dolls; reading her Little Golden Books.
7) Jackie.
8) Firemen.
9) Hobo Kelly.
10) Climbing the tree in the back yard.


Those are all pre-kindergarten memories - except for climbing the tree, probably. I could have listed another 30 memories - this is a great exercise. Try it!