November 2nd, 2007

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Markus Zusak in Portland

Ninety minutes is a long time to wait, even when you’re surrounded by books and bookish people.

But I waited for Markus Zusak. He’s one of the few authors – heck, one of the few people – I would wait in line to meet.

After all, when is he ever likely to come to Portland again? And even if he does, I predict that he will have written so many more amazing books that the line of people in front of him will stretch out the door, instead of just across the room. And how often do I get the chance to meet someone whose book has carved a spot inside me and settled down there forever?

I posted my thoughts on THE BOOK THIEF here last year:

So yes, I was happy to wait.

Well, not thrilled. There were two women who were first in line to get their books signed, and they had a stack of about twenty books with them. Markus, bless his kind heart, likes to write more than just his signature on each book. So those women monopolized him stood there for at least twenty minutes, while the rest of us began to mutter and fidget and resent. Even Gentle Readers will rise up in protest, given cause!

Anyway, I was glad I waited, because he wrote such a nice inscription. I’ll include it again, in case you missed the earlier post:

Dear Lisa,

Here's to life, death, love, colours, failing, and being first to ask questions.

Markus Zusak

That won’t make any sense until you hear the rest of the story.

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