October 18th, 2007


Thankful Thursday

I’m thankful to have read so many terrific books by LJ authors this year. I don’t always remember to mention them on my blog, so it’s time for a list! In the order I read them:

The Legend of Zoey – by c_moonshower – GREAT! Sent a copy to my friend’s daughter in England.
Storky, How I Lost My Nickname and Won the Girl – by dlgarfinkle – Funny!
So Totally Emily Ebers – by lisayee – I love Lisa’s books.
Twisted - by halseanderson – Love the insight in the teenage male mind.
Tips on Having a Gay (ex) Boyfriend – by carriejones – I love Carrie … and I love her writing.
Tyrell – by coebooth – AMAZING. A book that will stay with me forever.
Tattoo – by jenlyn_b – Good girly read.
Wicked Lovely – by melissa_writing – One of the best books I’ve read all year, children’s or adult.
This Lullaby - by writergrl - She's Sarah Dessen. Do I need to say more?
Before, After, and Somebody In Between – by onegrapeshy – Heart-tugging and ultimately hopeful.
Blood Brothers – by medwriter – One of the best YAs I’ve read all year.
I Heart You, You Haunt Me – by lisa_schroeder – I got to read this in ARC form! It’s wonderful – I got chills near the end.
Stuck in the 70’s – by dlgarfinkle– Love the premise, love the funny stuff, even loved the surprise ending.
A Crooked Kind of Perfect – by lurban – The perfect MG. I loved it.
This is What I Did – by adellis – Excellent. Couldn’t put it down. It made me want to cut out half my male MC’s internal monologues.

And last but not least:
Lessons from a Dead Girl – by jbknowles – I finished it last night! Jo, I worried the whole way through, even though we know from the first chapter that Leah is dead – clearly, you nailed the tension! GREAT JOB!

P.S. Oh! And I read sarazarr's The Story of a Girl at the very end of last year. (It arrived a few days ahead of its January 2007 release.) It's nominated for the National Book Award!! Need I say more?

Facebook Surprise!

So my friend in England asked me to join Facebook.

By which I mean the Facebook auto-invite software asked me to join Facebook. I thought it was a personal invitation from R!

I thought, "What the hey. It would be a good way to keep up with what's going on in his world."

I registered.

I thought I clicked "skip" when it got to the part where you invite everybody you've ever emailed in your entire life to join Facebook.

Two minutes later, emails of people responding "yes" to my invitation to be friends with them on Facebook started landing in my inbox. (Again with the friends!!!) (Thanks, Kelsey! And Liz! *smooch*)

So, um ... hi!

If you got an invitation from me that is Facebook-related, I don't know what the %$#@ I am doing on there, and I'm sorry if my invitation (by which I mean Facebook's auto-invite) was unwelcome.

So does it actually read all the addresses in your email contacts and shoot out invites?

*is spooked*

But I guess I will make it a legitimate page (?) now, so come on down, if you're so inclined. Feel free to offer helpful tips!