September 26th, 2007

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Bookmarking Policy

Someone on my f-list had a locked post about LJ "friending/de-friending" today. I decided to update my profile, since some new people - fabulous, talented people! - have added my blog to their bookmarks lately.

I love friends! I'm happy to have any.

But I hate the word 'friends' as it pertains to bookmarks. Let's call it BOOKMARKING, instead.

Even if I don't bookmark you back (heh), I still check out your blog when I have time. But I'm tryin' to write a novel, you know? And the Internet is always so temptingly handy ... and you guys are all so fascinating ... and I'm not good with balance ... sigh.

P.S. If you are someone who bookmarked me out of a sense of obligation, and not because you enjoy reading my odd blog ... I release you. Fly, be free! :-)
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