July 9th, 2007


Want. To go. Back.

“Now pulling into the station … the Post-Vacation Blues Train, terminating at Slumpington, with stops in Daily Grind, Messy House, and Seething. (Heh. There really is a Seething in Norwich.) All aboard!”

It took more than a week to show up, but the P-V Blues Train arrived today with a vengeance.

Am I really not on vacation anymore? I’m back to cooking and cleaning and going to work like I was never gone?!

Is that really all the time I got to spend with my friends? Writing about Wendy really drove home how little time I had with her. And I haven’t even told you about R and M, and their two girls yet. But I miss them desperately, too!

Two Mondays ago I woke up in Scarborough. It’s on the eastern coast of England. Yes, I think it’s the one in “Scarborough Fair.”

I woke up really cranky that day, because I didn’t ever get to sleep.

I exaggerate.

I got about four hours of sleep.

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