December 30th, 2006

lisa at desk

Second Annual Top Ten Books and Year in Review

Not counting the photography books I read for research, I read 56 books this year. Dang. Foiled again by George W. *

I think I need to stick to my policy (see last year’s December 31 post of not including my friends’ books in my Top Ten List. Clearly, I cannot be impartial! Plus, I would just fill up my list with their titles. And what if someone had a book out that I hadn’t read yet, and I didn’t mention it? Their feelings might be hurt. So for the sake of discussion, let’s say that I have read every book ever written by any Real Life or Online Friend, and loved them all, and you should read them, too.


I’m adding a new wrinkle in my Top Ten criteria this year: I am only going to list books that, when I was forced to put them down to go to work, go to sleep, speak to other human beings, or generally get on with life, I itched to get back to them. Because yes, I did read a lot of moving and important books – books with gravitas – and I’m glad to have read them … but unless they were books that I hated to put down, they’re not going on my list.

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