October 1st, 2006


Revisions Update

My house is a mess.

My yard is weedy.

The dogs need baths.

The laundry pile, well, it’s just wrong.

We’ve been eating a lot of take-out.

But I am finished with my requested revisions.


It’s all over but the printing.

And the obsessive page-checking.

And the reluctant release of the package to the U.S. Postal Service.

And the needles-and-pins of waiting.

I think I’ll celebrate by walking the dogs. I've been inside my own head for so long that I need fresh air and exercise.

I'll continue the celebration by cleaning the house.

And weeding the yard.

And doing load after load after load of laundry.

And making oatmeal carmelitas.

And sleeping in for a few days before I tackle my next JoNoWriMo goal.

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