April 20th, 2006

white rabbit

April is the cruelest ... well, you know

April is triple-witching wicked for me at work.

Tax season ... and every single year like clockwork, some client will call us on April 14, starting to think about making a contribution to an IRA ... la la la ...

Proxy season ... if you don't know what proxies are, well ... don't give them another thought. But I'm in charge of making sure they all get voted for our company. *hair stands on end*

Quarter-end reporting ... we generate formal reports for over 800 clients every three months. I get to do a lot of reconciliation, collating, and photocopying. (The collating and copying allows some good iPod time, at least.)

I stayed up till 11:00 last night glueing pictures and captions to Young Son's science project posterboard. (No ... I will not be one of those parents who does the project for him. But my his project looks pretty cool!)


This was yesterday's highlight for me:

We were walking to school. The sun was out ... the rain had finally let up.



"Can I hold your hand?"


We walk.

"Mom? Can I ask you a question?"

"No!" (Kidding.) (I said, "Of course.")

"In ten or twelve years when I go off to college, will you come with me?"

(Joy and stifled giggle.) "Honey ... in ten or twelve years (??) when you go off to college, if you still want me to come with you ... you ask me."
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