February 6th, 2006

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Jo's Monday Morning Warm-Up

Close your eyes and take some slow, deep breaths. Keeping your eyes closed, try to think back to the first time you remember feeling true fear. Now open your eyes and, writing in present-tense, take us through your fear. What do you see? hear? smell? Try to establish the feeling of fear without revealing too much about what you're actually afraid of. Harness those raw feelings and write them down. If you feel brave after, share here or on your own journal. :-)

Don’t even need to close my eyes for this one. It’s always there, just waiting for someone to open the door.

“Stay in the kitchen with Grandma and Auntie.”

But I don’t want to stay in the kitchen.

There’s yelling in the living room. Daddy is yelling at Mommy and I don’t remember his voice so loud before and I can’t stay in the kitchen!

Mommy’s face was so scared. I need to see her.

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