January 27th, 2006

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Icky but Informative

I attended a neighborhood public safety meeting a few nights ago to take notes for the school’s parents’ newsletter. I thought my online parent-friends might appreciate this information, too, distasteful as it is. (If you don’t live in Oregon, you can skip to the cut.)

If you live in Oregon, Multnomah County now has an online database of predatory sex offenders, which can be accessed by the public.

The web address is:


Additionally, the Oregon State Police maintains a separate sex offender database which is not accessible to the public at this time. That data is scheduled to be online within a year. In the meantime, you may call the number below to request a list of sex offenders living in your zip code. This works well for people outside Multnomah County, or for information about offenders who were convicted in a different county.

The number is:

1-503-378-3725 x 4429

Multnomah County has active supervision of over 900 sex offenders … 200 of which are classified as predatory – meaning to adults and children. Those 200 are the ones you will find on the website.

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