November 20th, 2005


MoNoWriMo Sunday Night Check-in

I wasn’t kidding about getting up at 4:30.

“But it’s Sunday!” you protest. “A day of rest.”

Not if you’re ME.

I set the alarm for 4:50 … gave myself twenty whole extra minutes. I shivered down the stairs and fumbled for the “up” button on the thermostat. The temperature read 62 degrees.

I opened the laptop and hit the coffee maker button.

The dogs gamboled a bit, asking, “Are we going for our walk now? Are we going now? Yay yay yay! We’re going for our walk now … we’re going for walkies now! Walkies walkies! Wait … why aren’t you putting your coat on? Why are you sitting down? Why are you shushing us?!”

They accepted my failure to accommodate them with retriever-ish good nature and lay back down.

Is it even possible to write that early?



I haven’t re-read this morning’s work yet; it may be a steaming load of feces. But I did write.

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