November 7th, 2005


Well, That's Checked Off the List Now

Top 5 Reasons I Will Never Go to Vegas Again Unless U2 is Playing:

1) I hate cigarette smoke.*

2) I'm a lightweight drinker. (Count for the weekend: one margarita and about one-tenth of a huuuge pink slushy drink.)

3) I don't "get" the whole gambling thing. I like my money! (Count for the weekend: after half an hour of 3-card poker (where the dealer helps the ignorant newbies, I had won $30 on top of the $40 I started with.)

4) I dislike artifice in almost all forms.

5) Hookers make me sad.

*Note that I said I hate cigarette smoke ... not smokers. Because if I hated smokers, I would have to hate some people I love, and I can't do that.

But I have buried the lead:

My girls and I got to see U2 both nights!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Will squee obnoxiously about that later.
bono vertigo

Wide Awake ... I'm Not Sleeping

From now on, every time I hear the song “Wake Up” by Arcade Fire … my heart will lift.

It will always mean “U2 is coming!”

As soon as that song came on the loudspeakers at the MGM Grand Arena, the veteran U2 concert-goers leaped to their feet. They knew that “Wake Up” is the last song played before the band comes onstage.

As the lights went down, we swayed and sang … waiting for our boys.

The “boys” are all in their early forties now. They belong to me … my generation. We grew up together.

I don’t understand people who want to bash Bono. All the man wants to do is make music and try to save lives. Literally. Why is that worthy of contempt? Even if you don’t like his music, why disparage his desire to help the poor?

As we ate dinner tonight, my son heard me joking to my husband about Bono trying to save the world. “Bono’s trying to save the world? What does that mean?”

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