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Worlds Collide!

Attention, LJ-ers: literaticat is a rare jewel – the kind of person who is as funny in person as she is online!

Just thought you ought to know.

I, in comparison, occasionally manage a witticism in writing, but fail to amuse in person. That’s okay. I always remember the description of Ernest Hemingway by his newspaper editor boss: “a curiously inarticulate young man.”

So I went to meet a new baby, and ended up meeting Chris Crutcher.

My weekend trip to Half Moon Bay coincided with the Chris Crutcher event at Books, Inc. (in San Francisco). I got to meet susanwrites and sarazarr – and new friend caeliste. I had succeeded in channeling my inner teenager so thoroughly in preparation for the teen-books event that I was sporting a zit the size of a lighthouse beacon. Nice! Yes, nice to meet you, Mr. Crutcher! No, don’t stare directly at it … save your vision!

literaticat, sarazarr, caeliste, and I sallied forth for appetizers and drinks after the event. We laughed and talked (about oral sex, apparently … but only in a literary sense … not stylistically). I felt a bit like a slow-witted Valley Girl in the presence of Dorothy Parker and her brilliant circle. It was a collision of bloggers and real live people! Thank you three for my Big Night in the City.

A huge golden half moon was hanging in the sky as I drove back to Half Moon Bay. It was a poem in the sky.

The real poetry of the trip, however, I was able to hold in my arms. My sister gave birth to a gorgeous, sweet baby boy on August 25. I miss him already. I baked cobbler, I ran errands, I did laundry. I brought him his first CD – complete with his very own song. We all cried while we listened to it.

I spent the weekend at the beach and my feet never touched the sand. But my hands cradled a newborn.

The beach will still be there next time I go.

The newborn will be gone.

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