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Three days in, and I’m already falling behind on the daily posts!

I have thoughts. Many angry thoughts … about the shameful UN-inviting of YA author Ellen Hopkins from a Texas book festival for teens. For a quick recap of the incident, you can go to author Pete Hautman’s blog, here.

But I do not have time to put my many angry thoughts into a coolly articulated post. Maybe tomorrow. *narrows eyes*

In the meantime, please enjoy this photo of bestselling author Sara Gruen on the set of the movie they’re making of her book, WATER FOR ELEPHANTS.*

Isn’t this the best author photo ever??!!

I took it from this post by Joshilyn Jackson, one of my favorite authors of “grown-up” fiction. She also writes the funniest blog posts in the world.

I actually WON an audiobook copy of her most recent novel, BACKSEAT SAINTS. I've been listening to it raptly. Joss narrates the book herself ... is there no END to her talent? She's Neil-Gaiman-esque.

*You probably already know ... but the shimmery Robert Pattinson is starring in the movie.
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