L.K. Madigan (lkmadigan) wrote,
L.K. Madigan

Today is Wednesday

NOT Thursday, as I first thought. I guess I'm eager for the week to be over.

So even though it's not "Thankful Thursday," I am thankful for author friends who ask me to appear on their blogs.

Kimberly Derting, author of THE BODY FINDER, invited me to participate in her month-long series of guest blogs. I agreed, and I brought Tim Gunn along with me :-) She's hosting some giveaways, too, so be sure to stop by and comment. You could win a signed copy of THE BODY FINDER (so suspenseful!) or an Advance Reader Copy of
Firelight, by Sophie Jordan.

Disclaimer: longtime readers of my blog will recognize the post, from when Tim Gunn visited my head to talk about the novel I was working on. But new readers might have missed it, so go here and enjoy!

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