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Many Things for Memorial Day Weekend

Lots of links and clickies to keep you busy over the long weekend! ;-)

1) You may remember a few months ago I posted a video trailer for FLASH BURNOUT created by the talented teens at the Arlington Library in Virginia. This week the amazing Youth Services Librarian, Nicole Piro, contacted me about doing an interview for their blog. Well, of course! She asked really great questions, and I had fun answering. You can find the interview here. And if you missed the video trailer before, you can watch it here.

2) Fellow debut 2009 author and agent-sister, Kate Messner, received some wonderful news this week. Her middle grade novel THE BRILLIANT FALL OF GIANNA Z. won the E.B. White Read-Aloud Award!

I loved every single thing about this book - Gianna's quirky voice, the colorful personalities of the secondary characters, the gently building tension, the budding romance, and the lovely resolution. If you haven’t yet had a chance to share this great story with the tweens in your life, don’t wait! Or … wait just long enough for the book to acquire its beautiful sticker – which is designed to look like Charlotte’s web.

Kate blogged about what it means to her to have won the award, and I hope you will read her whole post here. It made me cry with happiness. If you don’t have time to click over, I will paste a few lines here that I especially loved:

“When I was growing up, the youngest of four kids in a busy house, I was always on the lookout for someone who might want to read to me. When my parents, brothers, and sister grew weary, I’d wait in the kitchen for unsuspecting visitors. As soon as the doorbell rang, I’d run for the bookshelf. My parents still have photos of a preschool me, bringing piles of books to the table at their dinner parties, hoping to find a reader.”

I can just see that little Kate, ever vigilant and hopeful.

3) One of my other agent-sisters, Jo Whittemore, author of FRONT PAGE FACE-OFF (MG contemporary) and the Silverskin Legacy trilogy (MG fantasy), posted a great blog entry about time management. I get asked a lot how I juggle day job, family, and writing. My answer: I don’t know! I just keep swimming … just keep swimming …

Jo lists her tips here.

4) Tweets for coping:

The Gulf oil spill makes me want to curl up in a ball and weep. But since that’s not practical or helpful, I turn to my coping mechanism: humor. Someone on Twitter has started a profile called “BPGlobalPR” – this is the bio: “This page exists to get BP's message and mission statement out into the twitterverse!”

It’s a spoof, of course. Here are some of the tweets that have made me snicker:

The good news: Mermaids are real. The bad news: They are now extinct. #bpcares
12:52 PM May 24th via web

Finally got my hands on some WD-40... Hard to focus on anything with this squeaky desk chair driving me nuts. #bpcares
4:45 PM May 25th via web

The LA Times is reporting that Top Kill is working to plug the leak! Looks like our job here is done. See ya later gulf! #5dayweekend!
about 24 hours ago via web

We are dedicated to helping the wildlife in the gulf. Any birds that need cleaning must report to 287 Quartemain St, Baton Rouge, LA 70801.
about 19 hours ago via web

We've created something that will affect your children's children. Can YOU say the same about YOUR life? #nailedit #bpcares
about 13 hours ago via Twitterrific

Can we just start calling it the oilcean and move on please? #bpcares
about 7 hours ago via web

I also follow the "FakeAPStylebook" tweets. Here’s a recent one:

The four seasons are Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall. For California publications, change to Mudslide, Hillfire, Flood and Earthquake.
10:30 AM May 26th via HootSuite

"DRUNKHULK" makes me giggle, too. He speaks in ALL CAPS and sometimes goes all DRUNK HULK SMASH!

12:26 PM May 25th via web

6:25 AM May 19th via web

5) If you’ve been lacking some extreme adorableness in your life lately, I urge you to go here for a quick boost:

6) Online friend Stephanie Perkins – whose luscious ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS is scheduled for release in December (Excuse me for a moment, while I chant: Dutton, please send me an ARC … please send me an ARC … please send me an ARC …) posted a snippet from the book on her blog recently.

Only ... she didn't post the excerpt in English. She put the text through Babel Fish, a free language translation software. Please enjoy this teaser:

And next and finally, meant that he lets escape me. And next and finally, the he is kissed to me under the entryway visor which groans. And next I away.

"Analog? It is all right?" someone asks.

All table has scrutinized me.

Do the scream of t. Do the scream of t. Do the scream of t.

"Um. The place where there is a bathroom?" The bathroom is explanation of my taste for all states. If you express that no one furthermore asks.


7) Did I ever post the news here that Audible.com bought the rights to both of my books? Well, they did! I love listening to audiobooks, so I can't wait to hear mine!

I got to listen to three 5-minute auditions for FLASH BURNOUT. All three actors were very talented, but as soon as I heard the third one, I knew it was Blake. His inflections sounded just like I hear Blake in my head, and somehow ... he managed to make me laugh. At my own lines. Lines I've read about nine thousand times.

I found out last week that he got the job - yayyy! I can't share who he is yet, but once it's public, I will tell you.

Okay, time for me to get ready for work. Have a nice long weekend, everyone. Allegedly, we will see the sun for a short time this weekend. That would be nice. I planted one small tomato plant and a few herbs a couple of weeks ago, and they've been pelted with rain and hail ever since, with only occasional teasings of sunlight.

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