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My Own Private Writing Retreat

d_michiko_f is a total stranger to me, except for graciously allowing me to friend her blog and add my occasional ravings, but we share similar weekend plans.


My husband and son flew to CA this morning to visit family. I don’t have enough vacation time to spare for the trip. (American notion of vacation-time: evil or just plain ignorant? You be the judge.)

Much as I will miss my boys, and would rather be visiting our funny family, too … well, it has to be said: yay for alone-time!

5 pm: Home from work. Submit to frantic expressions of love from hounds, including wailing, whining, and smearing of slobber on work clothes.
5:30 pm: Feed and walk hounds.
6 pm: Read while I eat take-out (I’m not wasting time cooking and washing dishes!). (Chris Crutcher’s Whale Talk in preparation for NYMB).
7 – 9 pm: Resolutely close book, open laptop, and write at least 200 words. It's okay to write crap. Thank you, Debbi!
10 pm: Reading in bed until I sleep - perchance to dream.

6 am: Drag self out of bed. Submit to frantic expressions of love from hounds, quieter than after-work raptures.
6:10 am: Walk hounds for at least half an hour – it’s the only exercise my slothful body gets.
7 am: Coffee, oatmeal, and email.
7:30 am – 9 am: B.I.C.
9 am – 1 pm: Toil in school garden ... weeding, pruning, etc.
1:30 pm: Shower off soil and honest toil. Lunch and email.
2 – 6 pm: B.I.C.
6:30 pm: Walk hounds, who will be tearing around the house, leaving drifts of black hair in their wakes, trying to non-verbally communicate their desire for walkies.
7 pm: Eat dinner in front of the TV (so decadent!), hopefully watching “Blackadder,” which should be arriving by Netflix today.
10 pm: Reading in bed until I sleep - perchance to dream.

See Saturday, with the omission of school gardening duties.

If I comment on anyone else's blog this weekend, please rebuke me sharply and remind me that the tight schedule of my Retreat does not allow for time-wasting!

I have laid in stores of chocolate. I'm ready.

Wish me luck, compadres!!

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