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Friday Happy

My husband has a new hobby:

Googling the words “flash burnout.”

Which is perfect timing, because I recently swore off Googling those very same words! I should say RE-swore off, because I suffered occasional relapses. But it’s hard to focus on new writing with critical reviews echoing in your head, so … no more wandering the Internet for me!

I’m actually really glad my husband developed this new interest, otherwise I wouldn’t have found these two awesome video trailers of my book!!!!

This video was made by the talented
Teens At the Arlington Library in Virginia. They made a video for each of the Morris finalist books. Thank you so much, TATAL!!!

I don’t know anything about the teens who made this video, whether they were part of a library or class project or what … but they are clearly very talented, as well. Thank you!!!

I really love seeing how my book has its own “life” out there in the world. So go ahead and keep Googling, honey! I know you'll just show me the GOOD.


Here’s a late winter cluster of crocuses.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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